The vehicle history collection is run by the The Vehicular Historical Association of Danish Army Combat Centre (HKSKHF) founded in 2010, the association is based at the museum. The association forms the framework for all the activities that take place at the museum, this in collaboration with the Artillery Museum. In everyday speech, it is all referred to as the “Tank museum”, the word covers both the exhibition itself and the HKSKHF association.

The word ‘Army Combat School’ is still included in the name of the association even though HKS (the school) no longer exists, this for two reasons; the association is founded with that name and the name is a historical heritage where armour and HKS/Oksbøllejeren are closely connected, this is hereby passed on in our name. The association is now affiliated with the Danish Artillery Regiment (DAR) at Oksbøl Barracks.

The artillery is now also part of the association and recently a number of self-propelled artillery vehicles have been added to the collection.

The association is run by volunteers and consists of people who have either been, continue to be or may never have been employed in the Danish Defence forces. The governing is; the interest in preserving and disseminating a piece of unique Danish cultural history and cultural heritage.

The association’s purpose is to collect, restore, maintain and preserve military historical vehicles, equipment and effects, which have been used by Danish armoured and artillery units from 1945 onwards. It is also the association’s purpose, through its own exhibitions (Museum of Armour and Artillery), visiting activities and by participating in outward-looking activities, to help convey the history of the Danish armour and artillery weapon.

The vehicles are a rolling piece of history that should be preserved, the military vehicles are of cultural-historical interest for the future. An expression partly for technical ability and thinking, but also for changing military tasks and doctrines, through time.

Chair HKSKHF: Peter Svane, Major

Vice-Chair: Bo Hagsten, Major, ret.

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The association runs two websites:

    • This website; public info about the association, activities and the exhibition at the Tank Museum.
    • Our member website; closed info for members as well as our photo/video/document/Kentaur archive.
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