Centurion Mk. II ARV

The recovery vehicle Centurion Mk. II is popularly known as an armoured tow truck used to recover damaged tanks on the battlefield.

Technically, the recovery vehicle is built on the same undercarriage as the Centurion tank, i.e. the lower part of the hull, road wheels and drive wheels etc. are similar to the corresponding components on the tank. The same applies to the engine.

Logistically, it is of course a great advantage that as many components as possible are similar and can be interchanged across the different types of vehicles. In addition, an armoured box-shaped superstructure has been built on the hull, where the crew is housed.

The recovery vehicle is equipped with a powerful winch and a “spade” that can be used to recover a damaged tank, which can then be towed to a workshop. The Centurion armoured recovery vehicle can also be fitted with a crane, which allows, for example, an engine or similar to be lifted from a tank under field conditions.

Before the Centurion recovery vehicle entered service in 1957, the M32 recovery vehicle was used, which was built on the same platform as the M4 Sherman. However, the M32 did not have the ability to recover the Centurion tank under all conditions, as the Centurion tank was approximately 20 tons heavier than the M32. The M32 is one of the few armoured vehicles not on display at the Armour Museum. The museum does have an M32, unfortunately it is not in a condition to be displayed.

The Centurion recovery tank was taken out of service in the mid-nineties, where it was replaced by a recovery tank based on the Leopard 1 tank.

The vehicle on display is fully operational.

Centurion Mk. II ARV
Country of origin: Great Britain
Type: Heavy recovery vehicle
Speed: –
Range: 360 km on road / 180 km in terrain
Weight: 47.2 tons empty / 50.3 tons fully loaded
Width: 3.28 m
Height: 3.12 m / 5.7 m with front crane
Length: 7.7 m vehicle / 9.16 m with spade / 9.71 m with rear crane / 13.87 m with rear and front crane
Crew: 3
Armament: .30 Cal (7.62 mm) gun
Engine: V12-cylinder Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk IV B, 27 liters 650 HP, gasoline ; Auxiliary engine 4-cylinder Morris 1000 gasoline 27 HP ; Winch engine 8-cylinder Rolls Royce B80 5.7 liters 160 HP, gasoline
Transmission: 5-speed, Merritt-Brown type Z51R Mk. F
Year of introduction: 1957
Phased out year: Around 1995