Eagle 1 4×4

The Mowag Eagle I M/95 is a so-called armoured scout and escort vehicle, which was used in the Danish military from the mid-1990s until the end of 2008/2009, when the Eagle IV replaced the Eagle I.

The Eagle I is built by the Swiss company MOWAG on the undercarriage of an AMG Humvee, which has been widely used in the US military since the 80’ties.

MOWAG designed the armoured upper part of the vehicle, which is then mounted on the undercarriage of a Humvee. The Danish military has also used original Humvee’s, model M1045 which were used with the TOW missile system. These vehicles were, after the TOW system was phased out from the Danish Army, converted to patrol vehicles and are called Jülkat (hedgehog in the dialect of Danish spoken on the island of Bornholm).

Eagle 1 provides protection against small arms fire and grenade fragments, but only limited protection against mines.

A total of 36 Eagle 1s have been used in Denmark, in many different configurations, with and without the original MOWAG steel turret – which was removed in 2003. The original MOWAG steel turret had mounted a M/62 7.62 mm light machine gun and was prepared for mounting thermal observation equipment, but this was never fitted to the Danish vehicles.

For a period of time, after the MOWAG turret was removed, the vehicles were used with a 7.62 mm light machine gun mounted in a mount from the M41 light tank.

Due to the desire for a heavier support weapon, some vehicles were later equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, mounted in a “Softmount” on the socalled “Ringaffutage” M/06, where the gunner was not protected.

As can be seen on the top of the museum specimen, a new lightweight “turret” – or more correctly a ring mount with protection, the socalled “Ringaffutage” M/07 from SIMA Innovation was fitted in 2006. This “turret” is equipped with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun (TMG), mounted in a “Softmount” and smoke detectors are mounted on the front shield, as well as on the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicles have been used in almost all operations in which Denmark has participated since 1995 and until the phase-out in 2008.

The vehicle exhibitied in the museum has been used in the Balkans and Iraq.

The vehicle on display is fully roadworthy.

Mowag Eagle 1 4×4 M/95
Country of origin: Switzerland (USA)
Type: Armored escort and reconnaissance vehicle
Speed: 120 km/h
Range: 600 km
Weight: 4.4 tons without “turret”
Width: 2.28 m
Height: 2.3 m without “turret”
Length: 4.9 m
Crew: 4 + 1
Armament: .30 Cal (7.62 mm) machine gun or .50 Cal (12.7 mm) machine gun, 8 pcs. 76 mm smoke launchers
Engine: General Motors 6.5 liters V8 diesel 160 HP
Transmission: Hydra-Matic 4L 80 E, 4 forward and 1 reverse, Hi-Lo gearbox
Year of introduction: 1995
Phased out year: 2008