M/92 Fighting Vehicle

The “Armoured Auto Cannon M/92” (Danish Army designation “Pansret maskinkanon” PNMK M/92) is an armoured auto cannon based on the M113A2 platform.
It was decided in 1987 that the infantry should have a fire support vehicle and the choice fell on the converted M113 A2. The vehicle was assembled by E. Falck Schmidt in Odense from 1989 to 1993.

The vehicle has a twin turret from Italian Otobreda, with a 25 mm Oerlikon-Contraves machine gun and a 7.62 mm light machine gun (M/62 LMG). The gun has a range of up to 1,500 m, firing 600 rounds/min, and the thermal sight is from Zeiss.

The difference between the A1 and A2 versions is a turbo engine, modified engine cooling ratio, and better suspension for the greater overall weight. The vehicle also got external diesel tanks as on the M113A2 edition, in order to create more inside the vehicle.

Around 1999, a number of wagons were converted to the G3 DK version, including a new engine/transmission and reinforced undercarriage.

The Danish Army had a total of 50 PNMKs. when they phased out of service, some vehicles were converted to Fire-fighting vehicles in the G3 version.

The vehicle on display is fully roadworthy.

M113 A2 DK Fighting Vehicle M/92
Country of origin: Denmark (USA)
Type: Fighting Vehicle
Speed: 57 km/h
Range: 480 km
Weight: 11.3 tons empty / 13 tons fully loaded (without add-on armour)
Width: 2.69 m without add-on armour
Height: 2.9 m
Length: 5.6 m
Crew: 4
Armament: 25 mm Oerlikon automatic cannon, .30 Cal (7.62 mm) co-axial gun, 76 mm smoke launchers
Engine: V6 5.2 liters 265 HP Detroit turbo diesel
Transmission: Allison automatic 3 forward, 1 reverse
Year of introduction: 1992
Phased out year: 2003