M109 A3 Howitzer

The self-propelled howitzer M109 was introduced in Denmark in 1965 in a number of 76 pieces, with the ‘short’ gun barrel as the variant characteristica.

In 1989, the vehicles were upgraded to the M109A3 version, which among other things meant a longer tube (6.05 m) and thus that longer shooting distances could be achieved.

The self-propelled howitzer uses 155 mm shells with a screwed on primer as well as a separate powder charge. The weight of a shell ranges between 42.5 and 47 kg, depending on the type of shell. The grenade can be of the type; incendiary, ICM-GRANAT (Improved Conventional Munition), smoke or light. Typical firing distance out to 24 km.

The vehicles on display are fully roadworthy.

M109 A3 Howitzer
Country of origin: USA
Type: Self-propelled Howitzer
Speed: 46 km/h
Range: 350 km
Weight: 24,8 tons fully loaded
Width: 3.18 m
Height: 3.28 m with barrel in driving position 12 o’clock
Length: 6.19 m vehicle / 9.13 m with barrel in driving position 12 o’clock
Crew: 7
Armament: 155 mm Howitzer with 6.05 m barrel ; .50 Cal (12.7 mm) machine gun
Engine: 9.3 liters V8 Detroit diesel 425 HP
Transmission: –
Year of introduction: 1965
Phased out year: 2021