M113 A1 Armoured “Fitter” Vehicle

The M113 A1 is the diesel version of the original American developed M113 which was equipped with a petrol engine. The first vehicles were purchased for the Danish Army in 1964 and over the years about 680 M113 APC’s have been purchased, both as M113 (petrol) and M113 A1 (diesel). Denmark also got some M106 petrol versions as medium mortar vehicles, and later some M125 A1 medium mortar vehicles.

It has a crew of 2 men, a driver and a commander/gunner, and has room for an additional 10 infantrymen in the basic version. In the Danish version it is armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

The M113 is built from aluminium, which provides some of the same qualities as steel, but reduces weight. This allows it to be transported by aircraft.

When the armoured personnel carrier (APC) was purchased for use by Army units in 1968. In the years up to 1999, only minor updates/modernisations were carried out.

In 1999, the army carried out a major refurbishment programme on the M113 family, upgrading 257 APC M113 A1 to the variant known as the APC “M113G3 DK”. A variant peculiar to the Danish Army is the “PMV M113G3 DK, LANG (long)” of which 70 were constructed. The hull of the variant is extended 66 cm. The “G3” modification included a new MTU engine, transmission, brake system, reinforced undercarriage, new tracks, external fuel tanks and for the G3 LANG version an extension with an additional road wheel. This update program was completed in 2003.

A small number of G3 vehicles were later converted to APC M113G4 DK standard. The modification included improved armour in the lower side of the vehicle, increased height of the vehicle to allow more space in the crew compartment and improved fire suppression equipment.

The G3 and G4 versions were originally fitted with metal tracks, these have now been replaced with rubber tracks.


  • Infantry
  • Medical
  • Morter
  • Mechanic
  • Anti-tank TOW
  • Command
  • Directional radar
  • Artillery Observer
  • Firefighting

We have exhibited an M106 (petrol) and several versions of the M113 A1 vehicles, as well as some G3 and G4 DK versions. The vehicles on display are fully roadworthy.

M106/M113 and M113 A1/M125 A1 family
Country of origin: USA
Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier
Speed: M106/M113 80 km/h ; M113A1/M125A1 64 km/h
Range: M106/M113 300 km ; M113 A1/M125A1 480 km
Weight: 9.2 tons fully loaded in infantry version
Width: 2.69 m without add-on armour
Height: 2.5 m
Length: 4.86 m
Crew: 2 + 10 in infantry version
Armament: .50 Cal (12.7 mm) machine gun as basis weapon, other weapons according to variant
Engine: M106/M113 – V8 5.9 liter 209 HP Chrysler 75 M gasoline ; M113A1/M125A1 – V6 5.2 liter 210 HP Detroit diesel
Transmission: M106/M113 – Allison automatic 6 forward, 1 reverse ; M113A1/M125A1 – Allison automatic 3 forward, 1 reverse
Year of introduction: 1964
Phased out year: Around 1999-2000 for M106/M113/M113A1/M125A1 vehicles not rebuild to G3 version
M113 G3 DK family
Country of origin: Germany (USA)
Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier
Speed: 58 km/h
Range: 520 km
Weight: 15 tons fully loaded in infantry version
Width: 2.69 m without add-on armour
Height: 2.5 m
Length: 5.6 m / 6.3 m LONG version
Crew: 2 + 8 in infantry version
Armament: .50 Cal (12.7 mm) machine gun as basis weapon, 76 mm smoke launchers, other weapons according to variant
Engine: MTU 6V 183 TC22 6-cylinder diesel, 10.6 liters 300 HP
Transmission: ZF LSG 1000 gearbox 6 forward, 2 reverse
Year of introduction: 1999-2003
Phased out year: Around 2020-21 for most G3 variants. Small amount of G3 and G4 still in operative status